Is Birth Control Kosher for Orthodox Jews? (2-minute video)

Is Birth Control Kosher for Orthodox Jews? (2-minute video)

A great video from A Jew in the City. Thanks for Rachel Reinfeld Wachtfogel for sending it my way:)


  1. That was great! Very well done. Thanx Rachel for sending it and Chana for posting it.

  2. thats a great way of putting it, and i really liked how she didnt just focus on the technical aspect of birth control, but why many moms would choose to have more children and the beauty of it!

    however, our rav and many others would not give a heter for things like stress, exhaustion, or even coping between babies. My babies are very close together in age, and I wasn’t given permission to take birth control for more than 3 months(nursing doesnt always work!)

    in fact, i was taking the pill after the 1st baby, while my husband was desperately trying to find a job for weeks after graduating school. our rabbi told us if we wanted parnasa, i have to get off the pill. i hesitated, but eventually stopped it. the next day he got a job…and i went to the mikve…and got pregnant that night!

    it should really be emphasized that one needs to seek rabbinic counsel before making a birth control decision…and be prepared to follow his advice

  3. After having babies 4 and 5 a year apart, I admit, I was very scared and wondering wether or not to go for a heter. I was not coping. But the term “birth-control” just didn’t sit right with me! I mean, who is in control here? HASHEM. SO I asked Rabbi Lazer Brody who advised me that I’d be able to get a heter in my situation, or I could simply leave my family planning up to Hashem. I really found peace in that statement. SO I’m BC-free for nine months now, and even ready for another if that’s Hashem’s Will. Only Hashem knows what’s best for us. EMUNA.

    “Do Hashem’s Will as if it were your own will, and Hashem will do your will, as if it were His Will.”

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