This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: How to Be Happy (9-Minute Video)

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  1. Great pep talk. Can you tell me which maamar of the NS you opened with?

    • JewishMom

      netivot shalom, volume aleph, page resh, peh, heh (the 15th maamar, called “ivdu et Hashem b’simcha.”

  2. this is the perfect peptalk for starting summer vacation and how our hashkafa should be during this family time…
    love it, thanks for keeping us in focus. – me and my friend sing a song that goes to the tune of “you are my sunshine…” – it goes.. “if mommy’s happy, everybody’s happy…” cute, hu?

  3. Brilliant. My favorite part of this talk was (amongst all the wonderful advice) your deep sigh when you describe the difficulty of a mother to find and maintain joy…
    Rebbe Nachman writes a lot about the holiness of the sigh, when yearning for greater holiness: so for all those Jewish moms out there who are sighing right now, wondering where they will find the inner strength to be joyous on top of all our other daily emotions: that sighing is in itself holy work!
    Looking forward to doing my first homework in 18 years… I’m not kidding!

    • JewishMom

      thanks yehudit, you made me smile. But the truth is that ALL your comments make me smile. shavua tov and thanks!

      • Thanks to Rebbe Nachman! BTW, I wanted to say that while I was thinking about this homework, I thought I would make an extra list: I’m also going to make a list of 5 things I can do in the house that make me happy. I think it’s so important not to look too far for joy….

  4. thats it…not to look far, its so “natural” for us to think its something on the outside that will “fix” things or make our lives easier, calmer, happier…this is the real deal, to use the here and now of our daily lives..I love that I can cherish those magical moments when everything isn’t in its place and a million things need to be picked up, organized, cleaned, etc etc, and then my 2 year old says something funny and his brothers and sisters are laughing and asking him to say it again, and again, and I join them both physically and mentally and put the other stuff aside and hang out with these funny kids -who by the minute I am sitting on the floor with them climb all over me and thirst for this quality -laugh out loud-time…

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