The Hidden Treasures I Found Cleaning for Pesach

The Hidden Treasures I Found Cleaning for Pesach

This morning I was reorganizing some “Important Stuff” cabinets, and came across all sorts of long-forgotten hidden treasures:

An antique silver penguin pitcher (the top half of the head lifts up to pour liquid out the beak). Passed down from my grandma to my mom and dad to me, until I placed it several years ago in a pile of silver things waiting (and waiting and still waiting) to be polished…

When our 5th child was born, we put away these 4 beautiful silver candle holders which I used to use to hold Shabbat candles for my children, and bought five 10 shekel glass candle holders to use in the meantime until we had a chance to go buy more…My fifth child is turning 11 next month.

My brother-in-law Noah once worked as an English teacher in Prague, and bought us some exquisite crystal wine glasses. We put them away for an occasion special enough to use them…That was 20 years ago. (We decided to use them this seder night! YAY!)

AND I also found 670 NIS floating around in some envelopes and a 300 NIS gift card from my husband’s work from Rosh Hashana (new sandals for me!).

But the greatest hidden treasure, I think, is actually the gift hidden within these days leading up to Seder night.

Rabbanit Yemima taught this year that the Chesed Avraham (the Chida’s grandfather) said that every night, at midnight, for the 30 days before Pesach, Hashem purifies 1/30 of our souls. Freeing us 3.3% from fear, worry, stress…exodus from those yucky-Egypt emotions that keep us from being happy, from appreciating the treasures, hidden and otherwise, that fill the lives of every Jewish MOM.


  1. Does that mean we have to be awake at that time? Or can it happen while we are sleeping? I do stay up late to get ready but some of these nights I am lucky to get to be before midnight!
    Happy and Kosher Pesach!

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