4-Year-Old Art Prodigy Sells Painting for $27,000

You know when you look at modern art, and you feel incredulous that a few blotches of green paint could cost so much money, and you say something like: “A 4-year-old could have done that.” Well, it turns out that it’s true. A 4-year-old could have done that.

This video made me laugh pretty hard. Especially all the grown ups with all their fancy interpretations of this girl’s 4-year-old paintings. Though this video did make me wonder whether maybe we should pull our 4-year-old Yoel out of Cheider and put him to work full-time so we can start making bundles of cash off his drawings. He’s quite a gifted artist, I think. His favorite media: broken, wrapperless crayons. His favorite subject: green, and lots of it.

But then again, maybe this girl IS really gifted? What do you think, JewishMOM? Is this whole story incredible or ridiculous?
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  1. Rabbi's wife

    I think our kids could do a collaborative work in the abstract/surrealist genre and support the whole family. That, is, if you have the cash to shell out on studio/gallery space and people committed to the idea that the “artist” is brilliant.

  2. I love this. I think this little girl is an artist without a doubt, but that her selling a painting for so much money is a direct result of her parents and their peers knowing how to market her. In addition, giving her so many resources, a room to paint, all those materials, etc allows her to experiment and make large-scale paintings that a child sitting at his little table, with craoyons and scrap paper could not. Not every child WOULD use the materials like she does, so I agree that there is something there: an artistically-inclined 4 year old, with free reign over expensive materials and parents with the time and money to support her hobby. Nonetheless watching her was delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was a bit disbelieving at first, until I saw her stroking the brush along the canvas and carefully dribbling the paint around the right area – she looks as though she knows what she’s doing. I would love to have the guts (and space) to let my under 1-5 yr olds loose on so much paint and see the results – but then crayons are _so_ much less messy 🙂

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