JewishMOMs donated over $750 for the Needy Bride

Thanks SO MUCH to all the JewishMOMs who sent in donations from all over the world to help my friend, an extremely holy mother of 10 who is struggling to find the money to marry off her fifth child this coming Elul.

My friend and her daughter asked me to express their heartfelt gratitude to all of you moms who generously sent in donations to help pay for the wedding. Collecting the money was an exciting experience for me too, to see the donations coming in from far-flung places like France, Belgium, every corner of the US and Israel. And the biggest donation of all came from the most far-flungest of locales– you will never guess– Gibraltar.

In the merit of this important mitzvah, may Hashem bless all of the women who donated and their families with health, and shalom bayit, and parnasa, and nachat from their children and everything good, IY”H.

It’s not too late! Click here if you too would like to participate in this important mitzvah.

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