Post-Purim Busy, Busy, Busy

Post-Purim Busy, Busy, Busy

I woke up today to life post-Purim.

Purim was wonderful but I think it will take me about a week to recover…

Not only to put away the costumes and sort through the candy and clean up the remaining mess. But, more importantly, to make up for the two days of preparing for Purim and celebrating Purim during which I wasn’t able to answer any emails, run any errands, or check anything off my ever-growing to-do list.

Not to mention that now, with Purim behind us, Passover is right around the corner…OY, don’t remind me.

So with all of this on my shoulders I brought Tsofia to gan this morning.

Ganenet Rachel waited seven years until her twin boys were born 13 years ago on Purim day (and b”H, 6 other healthy, beautiful children followed KA”H).

The twins’ bar mitzvah is this coming Wednesday. So I asked Ganenet Rachel how she’s managing…not only with pre-Purim and Purim and post-Purim but with a double bar mitzvah as well!

And this is what Ganenet Rachel told me, “I will not tell you how few hours I’ve been sleeping every night….

“Between Purim and the seudat mitzvah for the bar mitzvah this past Sunday and now the bar mitzvah celebration for the twins this coming Wednesday…

“But I just keep on reminding myself that there are people out there who are busy running from one hospital to another. I know, I was one of them! And B”H, we are busy with simchas.”

Amen! The sticky floors and the dirty costumes and the page long to-do list.

B”H, B”H, B”H busy, busy, busy with simchas.


  1. Ganenet Rachel should win the $100, for her twin miracles and her six other open miracles – and her positive outlook and perspective.

    • JewishMom

      you’re right.
      I think ganenet rachel should also win the prize for the best ganenet in Israel. She is sooo awesome.

  2. My son recently celebrated his barmitzva and his first mitzva was making the minyan for maariv for his grandfathers shloshim, who had just passed away at 63 after unforeseen complications after a kidney transplant. The shiva was held in our home as were the seudot during and after the shiva and shloshim. At the same time, my brother was diagnosed with cancer (since cured, Baruch Hashem!!!!) and it looked as tho my own parents would not be here for our very first big simcha. What a month that was, so many emotions, tension, who was I, mother? Wife? Mourner? It was so intense, when to smile, when to cry…. The greatest comfort was really the halachot of mourning and simcha, gently guiding us through this turbulent time until the barmitzva which was truly a wonderful simcha, albeit laced with sadness. All that time my mother in law, a fresh widow, was staying with us. I look back and see the siyata dishmaya I had to be all that I had to be during those days. The lack of sleep was almost supernatural as was the accompanying energy….
    Here’s a blessing for all Jewish moms durin the next month that we should all tap into our deepest reserves of strength and energy that we are totally unaware of…. Until Hashem opens up the wells.

  3. Anonymous

    As someone who is still in the stage of going from one hospital to the next and hasn’t been blessed with children yet, this article gave me a lot of hope. I pray that B”H when I am busy one day planning simchas I will have the same perspective and just total thanks and gratitude to Hashem. Thank you!

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