I’m in a TV Commercial! (2-Minute Video)

I’m in a TV Commercial! (2-Minute Video)

In this week’s peptalk “You’re Not Going to Believe why I’m Gonna Be on TV” I tell the surreal story of how I ended up being interviewed for a Israeli TV commercial for cubed beets.

For those of you who didn’t see the peptalk, I explained how I went to the market two weeks ago on Sunday morning, and I noticed a new restaurant stand called “Only Beets” that only served foods prepared with beets: beet salad, beet juice, beet ice cream. I thought that was a pretty bizarre idea for a restaurant and completely forgot about it until the next morning when I was trying to figure out what to write about that morning, and remembered this unusual “Only Beets” stand, and thought that morning I could write an article about it.

So I walked over to the “Only Beets” stand at the market, and told the chef that I wanted to write an article about her and her stand, and she handed me a yummy beet salad to try. It was amazing. And then she took me into the back of the stand and showed me a fridge full of hundreds of containers of Achla cubed beets which are sold in most Israeli grocery stores. This stand, I was pretty shocked to find out, was created for a single week in order to make a commercial about Achla cubed beets.

So here’s the commercial…Look carefully and you’ll see me in there twice. My lines are “Who would ever think that beets could be so delicious?” and “That is incredible.”


  1. I love it!! I don’t normally eat beets, but this commercial makes me want to try a beet dish. Thank you for sharing!

  2. i am convinced that you changed the course and script of the commercial – b/c after you went to the back of the store, i think it gave them the idea to invite others back there too, and to film their reactions! very very cute

  3. I love beets; a local store sell them cooked, vacuum packed, ready-to-eat (sorry not Achla). GREAT source of iron. My toddler sees me eating them and wants them too!

    PS- I hope you get an OSCAR!

  4. Only in Israel!

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