Check out the new post in the JewishMOM.com Community Bulletin Board called “I’m Going CRAAAAAAZY!!!” Maybe you also have advice for this overwhelmed young JewishMOM?

Image courtesy of Flickr.com user Rochelle Hartman


  1. highly recommended to log in and read all the wonderfully varied advice from the jewish moms out there, I’m sure we can all use it!!!!

    A special thank you to craaazzzzzzzyyyy mommy who cared enough about her kids to write in for help: we are ALL benefiting, believe me!!!

  2. (I’m the mom who wrote the original question)
    thank you so much to everyone taht took their time and gave me advice on this issue. you helped me greatly just by all your encouragement, and understanding. showing me i’m actually a good mom for caring about this, and not a bad mom taht just can’t handle her kids. cause it just IS a HARD situation. thank you.
    i’ll try some of the great ideas.
    b’hatzlacha to all us Jewish moms who want so much to do our BEST possible in the world for our beloved kids, just sometimes don’t know how. may we succeed in this big mission.

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