The Best Advice I Ever Got

The Best Advice I Ever Got

A year ago and a half ago, two moms who read this blog told me that I absolutely had to try out the Personal Development Chabura of Rabbi Aryeh Nivin.

Looking back, I understand that that was quite possibly the best advice I have ever received.

No class or course I have ever taken has improved my life as dramatically as this chabura, and I HIGHLY recommend it from the bottom of my heart to every Jewish mom reading this.

A new chabura will be starting on August 30th, and Rabbi Nivin is making a special introductory offer for new participants:

Try the first 3 sessions for free, with no obligation!

And, as a special incentive to readers, every woman who registers for this 3-week offer will automatically participate in a raffle to win an entire free 3-month-session of the Chabura (worth $150).

To be included in the raffle, make sure to mention when you register.

Do me a favor*, do yourself a favor, don’t miss this incredible chance to start living the life of your dreams.
Learn more at

*You will do me a favor since one of my biggest goals with is to convince you mothers to sign up for long-term, life-changing courses by my teachers Rabbi Nivin and Dina Friedman (of the Chanoch Lnaar Parenting Course), which I feel have provided me with the skills to thrive in my JewishMOM life.

AND you will also be doing me a favor because I receive a discount on my own Chabura tuition in return for every student I refer to the program. So, if you ever wanted to give me a gift for all my volunteer work on, signing up for this course would be a very nice one for you AND me too:)


  1. I signed up last week thanks to so many good things I hear about the chaburas (from you and friends). I will email them and mention that I heard it through you, because really you were the first person who got me aware of this chabura (in last year’s email).

    hope you get a discount!

  2. I have been a member of Rabbi Nivin’s chabura for 3 years and it has really enhanced my life and my perspective. I would highly recommend it! Try it out, you won’t be sorry.

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