Please Pray for Victims of Israel’s Recent Terror Attacks

Please Pray for Victims of Israel’s Recent Terror Attacks

I just got back to Israel after two weeks in America. I had followed the news there every day, but when I received this list of names upon my return yesterday I realized how terribly out of touch I had been with recent events in Israel. I am going to print up these names to daven for them when I light my Shabbat candles tonight…and I hope you will daven for them as well. May we hear, God willing, good news very soon from all of these recent victims and their families.
The following information is based on updates from One Family Fund case workers who are visiting the victims wounded in the most recent attacks, in hospitals and at their homes.

Please pray for the following victims injured in the terrorist attacks near Eilat on August 18:

Gal ben Smadar
Guy ben Rina
Chagai ben Rachel
Matan ben Ayelet
Sagi ben Chana

Please pray for the following victims from the rocket attack in Ashdod on August 19:

Shmuel Ze’ev Shimon ben Esther Chaya suffered damage to his internal organs and had one kidney removed. He was injured on his birthday.
YITZCHAK MEIR BEN MALKA suffered injuries and internal bleeding in the lungs.

Please pray for the following victims who were seriously injured in the GRAD rocket attack in Beer Sheva on August 20:

Adel Leah bat Chaviva was critically injured in the rocket attack. Rav Ovadia Yosef added the name Leah to her name.
ELIYAHU BEN MASOUDA is Adel’s father. He suffered injuries to his arms.
CHAVIVA BAT MAZAL is Adel’s mother. She suffered injuries to her legs.
VARDA BAT ESTHER suffered apparent brain injuries in the explosion.
PENINA BAT ITTA was moderately injured in her limbs.
LIOR BEN ESTHER suffered shrapnel and burn injuries to his legs.
NETANEL BEN ANNA lost a leg in the attack.

JewishMOMs, please pray for these recent terror victims. May Hashem bless all of them with a complete and speedy recovery!


  1. Its been reallyy rough trying to keep it together here- I’m in the south and my kids wake up in the middle of tthe night crying and sleep in and around our bed becasue of the sirens and bombings…I cant even tell you what its like to prepare a salad, hang laundry or brush your teeth and have to stop and run for cover- and keep a calm look on your face with all your kids watching you with fear in their eyes…we say shir lma-alot under our little staircase which serves as a protected area in our house and pray that nobody gets hurt and Hashem sends us Mashiach so that we can live here properly, and peacefully. Cant really plan a trip to the local park or or nearby activities becasue one minute everything is cease-fire approved and the next the seperate beach is closed and so are the nearby visitting areas…its be at home intense and cabin-feverish or go up north and lose your mind getting everyone to bed at someone elses house!- Hashem will surely see the jewish moms suffering and end this RIGHT AWAY!

    • Yael scuri

      I’m so sorry to hear. Genuinely. If I could bring u all up to Australia , even for a short break- I would. Maybe Hashem should / would let me win that huge 21 million lotto- and maybe I will.

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