Racheli Frankel told Yonatan Razel “Katonti”

Racheli Frankel told Yonatan Razel “Katonti”

On the way to a concert this past Thursday, singer Yonatan Razel paid a shiva call to the parents of Naftali Frankel HY”D.

At the concert, he shared the following: “The mother of Naftali HY”D saw me in the corner, and she approached me and said to me, “Yonatan, I don’t know if you know, but all that we can say right now is “Katonti mikol haChasadim u’mikol haemet asher aseeta et avdecha.” “[Hashem, I have become small from all the kindnesses and from all the truth that You have granted Your servant.] That’s what she said to me. Awe-inspiring….So this song is dedicated to them and to all of the Jewish nation which is truly something special.”

In the video below, watch my neighbor Yonatan Razel performing the Israeli Music Industry’s 2013 song of the year: Katonti.

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  1. I consider myself a “Razel-ite”! I play Yonatan’s two cd’s all the time. Katonti is my favorite. Racheli Frankel is amazing. Her emunah is remarkable. She shines as a diamond in the midst of great heartache and distress.

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