Mother Sued for “Bad Mothering”

Just came across this weird story on Shine:
“Kimberly Garrity was sued by her children, Steven Miner, II (23) and Kathryn Miner (20) for bad mothering…poor Kimberly has spent a few years battling the lawsuit her children filed. Amongst the grievances and horror the two kids endured was: receiving a birthday card that did not have cash or a check inside (however, it did say “Love & Hugs, Mom xoxoxo”), haggling over the amount to be spent on party dresses, telling Steven II, then 7, to buckle his seatbelt or she would call the police and my personal favorite: forcing her daughter to return home from Homecoming at midnight.”

And the lawyer representing Kimberly’s kids was…their dad, Kimberly’s ex-husband.

B”H, the Cook County judge ruled in Kimberly’s favor.


  1. That’s so sad. I hope Kimberly has lots and lots of people on her side and knows she’s got all of motherhood rooting for her.

    • what really irks me about this story is how it represents a trend of parents being on the defensive. Modern psychology has created a society in which parents are presumed guilty.

  2. I find this fascinating. Bottom line is, we are all going to go through exactly the same thing in the Heavenly Court. We are going to see, exactly and excrutiatingly how, all those things we thought were so small actually added up into a massive spiritual lawsuit against us up there.

    I see this as a clear sign from Hashem to me. As soon as I read that, I though: That’s bad? I wouldn’t stand a chance! Now I realise that my thoughts should be about standing a chance in the Heavenly Courts, and only thinking about my guilt in front of Hashem, and not anyone else.

    thanks for the post!

    • yehudit, you’re the greatest, thanks as always for your comments, they always make me smile.

  3. Sharon Saunders

    Wow, I think I have a lot of those types of grievances on one side of the scale. I’m hoping, however, that Hashem asks me how much I hugged and kissed my daughter and told her I loved her. I’m sure if he does, the balance will tip!

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