A Birthday Surprise for Eema (5-Minute Tissue-Alert Video)

A Birthday Surprise for Eema (5-Minute Tissue-Alert Video)

My kids wait all week to watch the high-quality, educational, and entertaining videos on the Machon Meir’s amazing site for kids (click here for the Hebrew site). I could not recommend this site more highly to you JewishMOMs for your children. Here’s a little taste of a truly heartwarming (and tear-jerking) video that recently appeared on the site, in which the show’s host helps a boy fulfill his dream of recording an original song he wrote for his mother’s 47th birthday. Tissue alert! (Translation below)

Host: So, Ptachiya! So you want to record a song?
Ptachiya: That’s right
H: Why?
P: Music is something fun, it pulls you inside. I also love to sing.
H: When did you first start singing?
P: Ever since I know myself.
H: Where do you sing?
P: In sing in the shower, everywhere!
H: So you want to record a song for your mother?
P: That’s right
H: Why? What, you couldn’t just buy her a flower?
P: But a song is something that lasts for a long time. A flower dies after a few months. This is a meaningful present that she will remember.
H: Tell me a bit about your connection with your mother. It sounds like you want to make her a present which is a bit complicated.
P: I want to express my gratitude to her, after so many years that she has been raising us, all five of us. I want to tell her “Thank you” for that.
H: And how do you think she’ll feel when she hears the song?
P: I think she’ll be surprised
H: Did you write her something that you want to make into a song? Read it to me!
P: (reading the song he wrote) A happy and festive birthday
A real occasion
47 years have passed quickly, and I don’t know how that happened.
In the fall of 1966, Eema came out into the world
She grew up in a Moroccan home, absolutely perfect
With a nice grandmother, surprising and festive
Until age 3 she would bathe Eema in a bucket.
And now look at you! An amazing Eema, and an incredible boss.
In summary, we wanted to thank you Eema for so many happy and incredible years
We send you hugs and a thousand kisses
May you be blessed with many more good and sweet years
Host: That is really nice! I understand that we need somebody who will help to make this into a song. To compose it and, or course, record it.
P: OK, who?
Host: Soon you’ll know! Do you want to set off to realize your dream?
P: Yes!
Host: In the meantime, Ptachiya’s mother has arrived from Mitspeh Yericho, and doesn’t know anything about what is about to happen in the rehearsal room.
Host: Ladies and gentlemen! Or, to be more exact, lady…It is my honor to present before you a fresh new couple to Israeli music, Petachia Levy and Chaim Yisrael!
P (sings): In the fall of 1966, you came into the world. And with your appearance, you made it perfect. You have always caressed with warmth, and for that reason I thank you to this very day.
Chaim Yisrael (sings): Happy birthday! A true occasion! 47 years have passed quickly. And I don’t understand how all of this happened.
P and CY (singing): Eema, I wanted to thank you for so many years. For always being there and all the moments. To tell you that I love you so much. You fill my heart. Eema, I wanted to thank you for so many days, for all the attention and hugs. To tell you that I love you so much. You fill my heart.
Mother: (crying) Oh, sweety…


  1. Wow such a special boy!

  2. Thanks for sharing that!

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