Write Your Way Home

Write Your Way Home

I’m a huge fan of Yocheved Rottenberg’s therapeutic writing classes, of which I’ve taken several over the last 2 years. When I’m feeling upset or confused or down then her innovative writing techniques help me get to the root of what’s bothering me. As Yocheved puts it “Therapeutic writing can be your best therapist.” I heartily agree!
I highly recommend her newly-released book Write Your Way Home which includes hundreds of writing exercises, with a helpful index (I thought this was brilliant) of a wide array of moods/issues and a writing exercise to tackle each one.


  1. Kaneh Lecha chaver-the quill shall be your friend. This is how I understand this: Write out your feeling and the pen can sometimes be like that good friend who really listens…

  2. I was drawn to it and just got my copy! Thank you for sharing about it too.
    Gmar Chatima Tova.

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