Finding our Voices (13-Minute Video)

Finding our Voices (13-Minute Video)

It’s really easy for me to be a vocal supporter of Israel in Jerusalem, but if I found myself yet again on a liberal New England college campus? I don’t know if I’d have the guts…

I still remember when my buddy Drew, the college newspaper editor, asked me to write something up about my experience as a Jew at Bowdoin. I was really reluctant to come out of the closet about my Jewishness, but Drew pushed, and I agreed. I was completely non-observant back then, so I didn’t really have anything to write, but I did mention feeling a bit alienated by the 2-story Christmas tree that dominated the Student Center for all of December.

And I will never forget going to sleep that deeply humiliating Friday night after the article appeared, and hearing all the critical, mocking comments my fellow students made about me after they’d had a few beers in the dorm lounge outside my door.

And my Bowdoin campus in 1990 was NOTHING compared to what a pro-Israel Jew faces today on left-wing college campuses like Smith and Hampshire. I think this David Project video about the heroic students standing up for Israel on those pro-Arab campuses is nothing short of awe-inspiring. May G-d continue to give these brave students and the incredible David Project strength and success in their holy work standing up for the Jewish State around the world…Interesting also the ALL the Israel advocates in these videos are women. “B’zhchut Nashim Tsidkaniyot…” in action.
Thanks to Life in Israel

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