The New Superfood: Chia Seeds

A few weeks ago, the owner of a natural food store recommended that I try out Chia Seeds, an incredible source of Omega 3 that is absorbed into the body far better than other sources of Omega 3. And it’s true…I’ve been eating a tablespoon every day of Chia Seeds in my yogurt, and I have been feeling calmer and more energetic over the last few weeks, maybe Chia seeds really are a new wonder food?

Here’s a video of Dr. Oz teaching about the benefits of Chia Seed:


  1. Hi Jenny,

    What do they call them in Hebrew? Do you know if they are good for kids as well?


  2. it’s also called “chia.” great for kids also, the person said

  3. For more information about chia seeds, and some recipe ideas, check out my website:

  4. Do I still have to grind them?

  5. yitsy sternberg

    Hi you should check out rabbi kimmel on youtube he is a mekubal who will suggest segulot to fix your ills. rabbi kimmel is an awesome guy.

  6. Chia is my favorite. I grew up drinking them! Water, Rose Water, sugar and Chia is a popular Persian drink. You should def try in your drinks. Lemonade, ice tea, etc. I keep a pitcher of chia drinks in the fridg

  7. Nursing Moms, be careful! For some reason my 4 month-old got extremely gassy and uncomfortable when I started drinking chia. Within 24 hours of my first tablespoon he was fussy and 24 hours after I decided to stop he went back to normal… I was so disappointed because I’ve heard so many good things!

  8. At minute 48:20 Dr. Greger talks about the importance of grounding Chia seeds for optimal omega 3 absorption. By the way the Food revolution summit starting today, best summit !

  9. I love chia too! Thanks for posting the link to the video.

  10. My concern about Chia is that it was used by the ancient Aztec & Mayan civilizations, it means “strength” . They used it in religious ceremonies & sacrifices and believed Chia to have supernatural powers.
    That gave them strength & stamina . I’m doing research on it bcuz to make sure there is zero chance of there being any type of occult ties to it . I don’t think so and it sounds to have great nutritional value so far but if anyone happens to know exactly how they used it in sacrifices please reply. Thanks.

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