A Convert Teaches us What it Means to be Jewish (5-Minute Video)

Another great story from Nachlaot story-teller Barak Hullman. One side note that might not be so clear from the story: when the convert dunks in the mikvah and the rabbis see her, she is wearing a loose robe for modesty.


  1. Your very own teacher, Rabbanit Yemima, quoted this story in her parsha shiur recently, and is is worth noting her opinion there.

  2. Actually, converts don’t wear a loose robe in the mikvah. The rabbis make sure that the convert is in the mikvah and they rely on the mikvah lady to say it was a kosher “dunk”. As the woman is under the water the rabbis quickly look around the corner to see that she is indeed fully under the water. This way they don’t see the woman and it’s all tznius. It is a bit of a struggle, I can tell you from personal experience. It was the longest mikvah visit of my life :).

  3. I dunked once with only a mikvah lady, then the second time with a loose robe on and the beis din standing outside the door but within view of the mikvah. My back was turned. Different places do different things.

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