Channel 2: More and More Secular Families Sending to Religious Schools (10-Minute Video)

Channel 2: More and More Secular Families Sending to Religious Schools (10-Minute Video)

I loved this news report about why more and more secular Israelis are choosing to send their kids to religious schools.

Sorry, the report’s only in Hebrew (though non-Hebrew speakers can still enjoy some great footage from religious schools), but you can scroll down to see some highlights in English:

-One secular mother explains that she prefers religious schools for her children because “In the secular schools, they focus on grades. But in religious schools, they focus on making each child into a mensch.”

-When the reporter asked a girl from a secular family what her favorite class is, she immediately responds, “Chassidic Song Hour!”

-One secular parent says that she prefers the small classes in the religious schools (a nationwide average of 25 students, far less than the average in secular schools) and the individual attention that allows.

-I also loved seeing the kids getting all worked up and swinging their arms around when they sing “Adon Haslichot” and how all the students stand up en masse when the teacher walks into the room (what a kiddush Hashem).

-One secular mother of a son at a religious school explains, “I think that the fact that a child goes and studies Judaism, Talmud, and Mishna, and that enriches them, I think that is a really wonderful thing.” This same mother tells the reporter how much she enjoys helping her son prepare for tests and with his homework because that enables her to learn so many things she never knew before about the Torah and Judaism.

I hope this encouraging trend among secular Israelis will continue to grow, IY”H!

Thanks to Yedidya Meir of Radio Kol Chai for broadcasting this very heartwarming story on his radio show (my absolute favorite) Hitorerut.

Photo courtesy of user Mark Mcquade


  1. Part of what mamlachti dati schools need is serious frum familes to send their kids! It’s not enough for frum parents to sit back and say, oh how cute, hilonim are looking for Jewish values in dati schools, what a kiddush Hashem, and then send their kids to private / torani / chinuch atzmai schools!

  2. I agree with EA! So many of our dati leumi neighbors decided to send their kids to semi-private Torani schools…We decided to send our daughter to the local Mamlachti Dati because that is who we are, and in our own small way we are trying to keep frum families in the school, and keep the school alive. Otherwise our only choice in the future will be private.

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