Families Meet for 1st Time, tell Boys “Be Strong!” (1-Minute Video)

Families Meet for 1st Time, tell Boys “Be Strong!” (1-Minute Video)

Racheli Frankel: Today for the first time we have the Yifrach family, the parents of Eyal, the She’ar family, the parents of Gilad, and the Frankel family, the parents of Naftali. This meeting was very, very meaningful for us, and very important. We met good people, strong people, full of trust in the Creator of the World.

From this place, we want to encourage the Armed forces, who are working day and night as well as the decision makers and the Prime Minister who is in touch with us. We are praying that all of the soldiers, and our children will return home without harm. And we are full of gratitude to everyone involved in this tremendous effort.

In these days, we feel a huge embrace from all of the Jewish people. It accompanies us hour after after, and it strengthens us so much.

We are requesting that you continue praying, and to continue all the great things that we feel happening in the country during these days.

We simply want to hug our children. Eyal, Gilad, Naftali. We love you and we miss you. And you…be strong! Be strong. Thank you.


  1. We all have our situations . . . our circumstances – yet, nothing at all can compare to the heart-wrenching situation these families are in. Certainly we lift our voices to Hashem for help! What I see, in this interview – is a people with thankful hearts – pleading, but hopeful – strong emunah. What a wonder it is so see people, in the midst of dire circumstance – lift their hearts in emunah to Hashem – and gather strength from the community.

  2. May we all see them together to celebrate the homecoming!

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