The Children are Ready (2-Minute Tisha b’Av Video)

The Children are Ready (2-Minute Tisha b’Av Video)


  1. Anonymous

    This video is disturbing to me. Although I respect the people at the Temple Institute as idealists trying to do the right thing, I believe the message of this movie is wrong. The adults are portrayed as ‘stuck in the past’ of mourning the destruction, while the children seem to understand that the Temple will be rebuilt not with lamentations but with action and building. This is not true.
    Chazal tell us that only ‘those who mourn for Jerusalem will merit to see its rebuilding’. It is difficult to connect to mourning and loss, much easier to focus on trying to build. But as long as Hashem has not sent Moshiach, He wants us to focus, remember, and re-experience loss and destruction every year on Tisha B’av.
    It is most difficult for children to think about loss and connect to mourning, but it is part of our national concsiousness and we must help them connect to it. In fact, I saw a great class by Rebbetzin Heller on about teaching children about the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. You can see it here:

  2. The video may have been a bit extreme in order to get its point across. I agree that the mourning is extremely important (after all, we did lose something integral to Judaism and our avodat Hashem). However, I was reminded of the difference between Tisha B’Av afternoon and the preceeding hours. In the afternoon we are allowed to start thinking about and anticipating the geula, whereas before that we aren’t. I see the adults’ and the kids’ roles as important messages, but you can’t have one without the other.

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