VaZakeini by Baruch Levine (3-Minute Video)

Wow, this is so beautiful. From the prayer we say for our children when we light Shabbat candles (translation below).

“Privilege me to raise children and grandchildren who are wise and understanding, who love Hashem and fear Hashem, people of truth, offspring that are holy, who to Hashem are attached, (who) illuminate the world with Torah and with deeds that are good, and with every labor in the service of the Creator.” (Yehi Ratzon said over the Shabbos candles)


  1. That really tugged at all the heartstrings. Thanx

  2. It’s so funny that you have this song up. I recently went through a miscarriage and in the days leading up to my D&C, my husband found comfort in this song (on YouTube) and must’ve listened to it over 100 times – no exaggeration!

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