This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

OMG! A Shabbat-observant travel agent saves passenger from missing Malaysia Air flight. Thanks so much to Let’s Stay Pure author Bracha Goetz for sending this my way.

An elderly woman waves to the local highschoolers from her window every day. This inspirational video reminded me that…
A wave.
A smile.
A heartfelt “Have a great day!”
The big difference a small act of kindness can make in another person’s life.

A brilliant math teacher has found the formula to save kids’ lives

I’ve been living for 22 years in Jerusalem, and even after so many years I am still just as excited as the dancing singer in this video that I was able to come here and make this Holy magical colorful city my home, b”H…

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  1. That video about the older woman who waves at the kids made me laugh and cry at the same time. So sweet

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