And the Winner is…

Remember a few months back when I was persistently encouraging all of you JewishMOMs to sign up for my teacher, Rabbi Nivin’s amazing, life-altering Personal Development Chabura? Well, I was really thrilled yesterday to hear that 27 of you JewishMOMs ended up registering for the full 12-week course. And the winner of the raffle to receive a free session (worth $150) is…

JewishMOM Miriam Gerlitz of Calgary, Canada!

Mazal tov, Miriam!

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  1. I’m one of the 27 – so glad I’m taking the chabura! Now I’m considering Dina Friedman’s parenting course, on your recommendation CJ, though the price is a bit steep. Then again, it’s an investment for our kids – our most precious ‘resource’.

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