Non-Jewish Librarian Loves

Non-Jewish Librarian Loves

I just received a really surprising Email. It turns out that Seattle’s favorite Storytime librarian, Lupine Miller, is a fan of What’s surprising about this is that Lupine is not Jewish! Seattle mom Sara Gallor (from this week’s post “Cleaning 3 Hours a Day, What Fun!“) told Lupine once about, and before long Lupine had become a regular reader…

Lupine explains:
I have on my google reader so I pretty much read all the posts as they come up.
Truthfully, there are a few posts that read a lot like a foreign language to me. So it is teaching me a lot!
I am also finding many a post that really ring true and give me things to think about or inspiration. One post recently really resonated with me, the one about “It doesn’t matter what they do. Our job is to keep building.” I wrote that one down in my book of inspirations – I feel like that applies to so much.
I am quite enjoying it… I haven’t commented yet as I tend to be fairly shy about such things but look for “librarymama” if I ever work up the chutzpah (did I spell that right?) to do so!

So, I would like to extend a hearty JewishMOM welcome to Lupine, so thrilled to have you among my readers…


  1. I am a regular reader (for about 6 months now)…I share something in common with Lupine in that I also am not Jewish. But I get so much inspiration from this site and appreciate the synthesis of personal growth with bettering my mothering skills. Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Thank you, thank you for such a nice welcome! I am so flattered to be called “Seattle’s favorite story time librarian” too! 🙂 I love my job and love to know that I am doing well at it!

    Jessie, above, described why I love reading this site in a much more eloquent way than I could. Yes, Jessie, exactly! Motherhood is such an amazing experience and I love getting different viewpoints, perspectives and inspiration and opportunities to learn and grow.

    I must also share share that I sent this post along to another friend of mine who replied, “I LOVE that site and have it in my reader too!” (I had sent her another post a few months ago from the site). At any rate, keep up the great work! Lupine aka librarymama

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