Time is Running Out!: Testimonials for Dina Friedman’s Parenting Course

JewishMOMs, time is running out, there are only 11 more days left to register for Dina Friedman’s life-altering Chanoch Lnaar Parenting Course. Here’s some testimonials from past participants…

Over the past two years, my life and the lives of my ten children have been completely transformed, redefined and reinvented through my experiences in Chanoch L’Naar. The manner in which Dina guides us and accompanies us through our own personal parenting “journeys” and indeed our life’s journeys is truly remarkable.

She never lectures from above us,but rather shares her own experiences with us as an equal, with all the candor and camaraderie of an older sister over a warm cup of coffee.

Dina’s parenting methodology is not only so well thought-out and clearly defined, but it is also easily understood and “kitchen tested” enabling and empowering me to navigate the complexities of parenting with the confidence of knowing that I’m doing the right thing for my children even in complicated situations. I am by nature someone who does things by the book, and I feel like I have finally received my copy of the book, and not a moment too soon.

The influence of Chanoch L’Naar on my life has extended far beyond my parenting and has set me on a well-paved path to growth in my own personal Ruchnius and Tikun HaMiddos as well.

I’ve also greatly benefited from the live weekly telephone question and answer sessions, where my questions were consistently addressed, and many times I enjoyed the opportunity to present my questions live and have them addressed in the forum. Time after time, she was able to probe within my question and identify for me the question behind my question and put me in touch with the underlying issues beneath my struggles.

All of this has come together to develop within me a truly personal connection with Dina and her material and my life will never be the same. Dina, I can’t thank you enough!

Brooklyn NY

As a past participant on Chanoach Lnaar, I find that I’m constantly drawing from the vast amount of knowledge that I’ve gained over that amazing year. Whether it’s the way I’m dealing with a child that’s in a stage 1 or stage 2, or the way I can now connect with Hashem, these methods have enhanced my every day life. Thank you Dina and the amazing coordinators! Looking forward to the advanced course!


I first heard of Chanoch Lnaar from a friend who took the course and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was. Figuring that since I spend my days (and nights!) mothering a crew ranging from 1-13, I may as well glean some ideas and information from a professional. Well! Not only did the course exceed my expectations in providing direction, guidance and information, it changed me as a Jewish woman, mother and wife. My awareness of myself, children and life in general has changed for the better, and has enriched my life in a way that can only be described as life altering. Thank you Chanoch Lnaar and Dina Friedman for being the catalyst of change that has transformed my home and many others, into a happy, vibrant, and healthy place!

R I,

Taking this Chanoch Lnaar course has changed the entire atmosphere in my home. Being that I am more of a softy and I was never a very consistent type of mother, Dina instilled in me a real confidence that helps me guide my children allowing them to make choices, experience, and feel empowered. She guided me step by step with clear and creative ideas and gave me many practical techniques for every age and stage. Bedtime became a pleasurable and organized experience. There is a lot less friction and fighting, and much more love and understanding between us. At times when things don’t go smoothly and I had a hard day she has given me the confidence to believe that tomorrow is another day. My home has become a more loving and spiritual place to be. I cannot overemphasize how rewarding this course has been and how it has changed my life. I highly recommend every mother to grab the opportunity to take this course for it is a true gift! A gift that you and your children will reap the benefits from for many years to come!


I enrolled in this course because I was constantly losing patience and basically coming to a point of helplessness with raising 4 small children all close in age KA”H. I was looking for solid ideas that would last, unlike what I acquired from the short chinuch courses that I had taken (which usually lasted for as long as the course did, and then, what do I do next?). From Chanoch L’naar, I received far more than I ever thought I needed. I learned how to balance my priorities, own my emotions and parent while remaining in control! I could not believe that I was able to prevent myself from getting angry, and encourage my children instead of shouting at them!

Rachel P.

Thanks to Dina & Chanoch Lnaar I feel empowered to ride with the challenges and I love each day!


It’s been two years since Dina Friedman entered my world. At the time, I had already been working with children professionally for almost ten years. At the time, I was having trouble with one of my children, my quote “easy” child, since a teacher was damaging his self esteem. At the time, I was working with a ‘sensory’ child of my own who had social deficits and aggressive tendencies. When I began this course I was really struggling with two of my children. And yet I had been working so many years with children, I had learned from professionals from all across the United States, I knew so much….. and yet I knew I needed help.

Dina did not say one thing that I did not know to be true from a professional, personal, and emotional standpoint. Everything resonanted and reverberated within me in such a positive way. My quote “easy” child eventually came back to being the child I knew. And my challenging child has made the most unbelievable strides. I used to lie in bed in the early morning wondering what the day would bring. I would avoid as much as possible taking him with me to public places. When he did have to come with me it would often be a stressful or disastrous experience. I remember vividly one incident where he went over to a sweet little boy in a shoe store and just started hitting him. Yes, he was a sensory child, but I still needed to reach him and I could not allow or excuse this behavior. Nothing I had tried in the past worked as a long term solution.

From the moment I began implementing Dina’s bedtime funtime, her techniques on empathy, all the positive emotional experiences, letting go of my own frustration, and, yes, letting go of the outcome, everything changed dramatically. I used to feel so responsible for my kids, I became too emotionally invested in the outcome and I wanted to try, as most mothers, to ‘make’ them behave. As soon as I gave my children the freedom to experience making bad choices (of course within reason), experience the resulting consequence, and realize they did not make a good choice, that it was not to their benefit, a lot fell into place. My sensory child needed to experience a lot more consequences than my other kids, of course. And of course there is always another angle, another challenge with him. And yes, he does have therapists who work with him, but they are all coming from Dina’s angle, Dina’s perspective. The difference is now I am empowered, now I have more ideas, and now I can always work with him from another direction. Dina has so many tools that you are never left feeling at a complete loss. I have completely changed as a person, my family has changed, the bonds of love between mother and child are that much stronger. Recently, a neighbor saw my daughter returning home from a play date. And my daughter ran toward me and gave me such a hug that my neighbor commented, “Wow, it’s only been a few hours.” But I can truly say that, thanks to Dina, my relationships with my kids are truly that much stronger and that much deeper, that they all react with such joy to seeing me after only a few hours absence.

Parents today must realize that while they do have to take some responsibility for their children, our job is not to control the outcome, but to guide our children along their life’s journey, to help them along their path, to help them bring the tikun to their neshoma that is their purpose in life. It’s not about us, it’s about helping them be the best they can be for themselves. Yes, taking Dina’s course is a journey, and, yes, it involves a lot of internal work. But there is nothing more rewarding or gratifying in knowing that you are truly working with your children in the right direction. Do it for your children, but most importantly, do it for yourselves.


I took this course five years ago and at that point I felt that it changed my entire life. It changed my own personal self growth and it transformed my home. After 5 years I could say looking back that the biggest advantage of the course was the confidence I got in my parenting. No matter what happens, whenever any child challenges me I am not thrown off. I am able to stay calm and know that I have many ideas and techniques and I can deal with any situation that will come up. If I am unable to come up with a solution at that moment I am able to still stay in my power as a mother and I will think of a game plan later. Thank you Dina!

Los Angeles, CA

Dina, what can I say? You taught me to love myself. Not to be so hard on myself. Not even to feel guilty about feeling guilty! You taught me not to expect results instantly. Things take time. I learned to be patient with myself, and with my children. Oh, Dina, you’ve taught me so much that I can go on and on and on. In a nutshell, you taught me that in order to parent my children I must first parent myself. Congratulations, Dina, on a job well done. Keep up your great work of inspiring generations! I envy your portion in the World to Come.
Montreal Canada

As a child I always had a dream that even if I would have a large family, every single one of my children would feel like an only child! Until Dina came into my life, not only was I nowhere near my dream, I didn’t even know in which direction to turn to try to fulfill my dream. Now that I’ve taken her course, I cannot say that I’m done, dream come true, mission accomplished, after all, I’m still alive and life is a process. All I can say is that Dina gave me the confidence to believe in myself, to know that I’ll get there. Thank you, Dina.

T. K. Monsey
(mother of 5)

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  1. I took this course three years ago – and thank God I did. I highly recommend it to everyone!

  2. My son is 20 months old. Is it too early to take the class? How old do your kids have to be to really benefit from it?

  3. Hi CJ, I kept hearing and reading on your site about Dina Friedman’s parenting class. I just signed up-a large part to your credit!! Is it too late to be part of the raffle for the free classes?

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