The Tsaddik of Nachlaot

The Tsaddik of Nachlaot

The parking lot of Israel’s Supreme Court is jam packed full of cars and taxis and buses today…but all of this commotion is not because there’s a really huge trial going on at the Supreme Court this week.

Thousands of people are pouring in today on account of the small, largely unknown graveyard across from the Supreme Court which is the location of the grave of Rebbe Gedalia Moshe of Zvil, the famous miracle-maker of the Monday-Thursday-Monday segulah whose yahrzeit is today.

So this morning I walked down the hill to also join in the festivities. I squeezed in beside the Yiddish-speaking Zviler matrons shuckling side by side with the rainbow-kerchiefed baalot teshuva side by side with the weeping bleached blond brunette in tight jeans and noisy gold bracelets.

At one point, I looked up from my Tehillim and saw the red roofs of my dear neighborhood, Nachlaot, and I realized that the Rebbe of Zvil is OUR Tsaddik. How much HE must be suffering, I realized, alongside his pure and holy children who have been abused (and, tragically, are still being abused) so cruelly up the hill.

And, surrounded by all these women who are all yearning so desperately for something they need so badly, I also davening over and over for what I desire more than anything else at the moment: healing and safety for all of Nachlaot’s children. And this morning, basking in the Tsaddik’s holy light, I felt like the Tsaddik was praying with me…our Tsaddik, the Tsaddik of Nachlaot.


  1. beautiful thoughts …just confused a bit—I thought the guy was in jail…what do u mean about kids that are continuing to be abused?

    • 3 people in jail, but other members of the pedophile ring are still abusing children.

  2. But Chana Jenny, aren’t the guilty parties’ names publicized, don’t parents all know who they are?
    If so – aren’t the children protected from them by virtue of the parents’ awareness and avoidance of those people?
    I just can’t handle the thought of state-protected pedophilia taking place right now in Nachlaot. It is unbearable.

    • rishe, I wish it was that simple, but it’s not. The pedophiles almost never go after the children directly, they have helpers who are bringing them the children by (I assume) threatening them in horrific ways…The poor children who have already sustained much abuse are the most vulnerable. B”H, the police has been more active, but the molestations are still going on. Though, b’H, now the children are telling their parents who have been going to the police.

  3. I know the focus of this was supposed to be the tzaddik, but your comment about continuing abuse is simply too unbelievable to ignore: especially after reading your answer to Rishe!! It’s beyond any logic or understanding, and, although clearly complicated: HOW CAN THIS BE? Surely Halachically you parents are allowed to post flyers around the neighborhood warning against these KNOWN ( if beyond doubt) molesters? Surely it’s letoeles? Surely it’s an obligation?

    • I wish this was true, but it’s actually illegal to publicize the name or post pictures of the pedophiles who haven’t been indicted. It’s a surreal and terrible situation, since the police and the social services and the Israeli media and the courts know for certain that people are guilty, but are unable to convict them because of the limits of the legal system in cases based on the testimony of very young children. There’s another article about this case in maariv today.

      • can u please add a link to this article?

        • I’m waiting for it to be online. It’s a fantastic article, tells the truth just like it is. Will post as soon as I get the url.

  4. Could you please share with us who the Rebbe of Zvil was and why people gathered on that specific day to daven?

  5. Sharon Saunders

    Those who are pimping for this pedophile should be pointed out in public by the parents, as should the pedophile, and the children told to run home if they are around. This has gone on long enough. He needs to be chastised publicly by all who meet up with him, not admitted to shul or the mikva and especially kept away from the park. Photos should be taken as shown privately.

  6. Another wonderful Tzadik of Nachlaot is Rabbi Areyeh Levine and also his son
    I used to go to his son for Brachos

  7. I think posting signs that don’t have pictures or names but the message alone that there are sickos in the neighborhood ….that should do the job of waking up those who are sleeping standing and also encourage the accomplices to get out of the mess before they are really to blame (this is assuming they feel threatened for not helping) how sickening

  8. Interesting, I never realized the two were so close . . .

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