My Summer-Vacation Goal

My Summer-Vacation Goal
At the beginning of this summer vacation I was feeling overwhelmed and inadequate and guilty because I was concerned I wasn’t doing enough to keep my kids entertained.
So I sat down and wrote myself a goal, to define for myself what a successful summer-vacation day would look like.
And this goal did a huge amount to remove those feelings of overwhelm, inadequacy, and guilt.
So here it is: “My goal for summer vacation is to take care of myself while enabling my children to be happy.”
The most important (and de-stressing) word in this goal is “enabling.”
I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for making my kids happy.
If I spend the afternoon doing things I enjoy instead of taking my kids to activities I won’t enjoy, that’s OK.
Since I’ve arranged for an outing to the zoo with an older sibling or babysitter. Or offered to take them to the science museum. Or reminded them that the pool is open and the neighbors would love to join them.
I’ve provided enough activities for my kids to have a good time. And if they’re still “Eema I’m bored!!”-ing I’ve had a successful summer vacation day nonetheless. Since I’ve taken care of myself so I’m feeling happy and relaxed. And I’ve provided the opportunities for my kids to enjoy themselves too.
That way I can enjoy summer vacation, and my kids (if they so choose) can too.

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  1. Rishe Deitsch

    Perfect, Chana Jenny.

    It can go either way… depending on the mother. Some mothers such as yourself need to push themselves to be more “selfish” (tuned in to their own needs and wants)

    Others (not like you) need the push in the other direction

    So for you this was perfect. Yasher koach.

    P.S. I remember when all my kids were small and many of my friends had big plans for Chol Hamoed – trips to Manhattan, museums, etc. When asked what our plans were, I would say unapologetically: Survival.

    and we would go to the stores, load up on arts and crafts supplies, and come back home

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