This song by Ehud Manor got me all teary. It reminded me how I tend to think that I’m really not such an impressive Eema… Not like the Super-Eema I know who made her daughter a fondant bunny birthday cake last month, or that Super-Eema at our daughters’ school who works as a volunteer English teacher, or that Super-Eema who spends every afternoon sitting on her living room floor working on arts and crafts projects with her young children.

But this cute song (translation and original Hebrew lyrics below) reminds me that even though I’m far from a perfect mother and even feel somewhat lame at this whole mothering/housemaking thing much of the time, for MY children I am the biggest Super-Eema in the world…And yanno what, JewishMOM? For YOUR children, YOU are too…Thanks to Debbi Bery for sending this my way! Enjoy!

My Eema by Ehud Manor

She counts to a million with ease
and she sews a dress for Shabbat
and she weaves a flower crown for my head
and if there’s a problem, she solves it.

Because my Eema
she is the most amazing Eema
You are my Eema
I’ll never switch you for another

If I told a joke, she laughs
And if I made a mistake, she erases it
And if tears fall, she kisses.
And if suddenly I’m cold, she hugs.

Because my Eema
she is the most amazing Eema
You are my Eema
I’ll never switch you for another

If I suddenly call out to her, she hears
She knows everything in the world
She makes me two long braids
And rocks back and forth with the tempo of the song

Because my Eema
she is the most amazing Eema
You are my Eema
I’ll never switch you for another

When I am hard-working she blossoms with pride
She works hard to bake me a cake
Sometimes, sometimes she boils with anger
But always, always she forgives.

אִמָא שֶלִי /אהוד מנור
עַד מִליוֹן בְּקַלוּת הִיא סוֹפֶרֶת,
וְשִמלָה לְשבָּת היא תוֹפֶרֶת.
לְרֹאשִי זֵר פְּרָחים היא שוֹזֶרֶת,
ואם יֵש בְּעָיָה היא פּוֹתֶרֶת.
כִּי אִמָא שֶלִי , כִּי אִמָא שֶלִי.
הִיא אִמא הֲכִי נֶהֱדֶרֶת.
אֶת אִמָא שֶלִי, אֶת אִמָא שֶלִי,
לְעולָם לֹא אַחְליף בְּאַחֶרֶת.
אִם סִפַּרתִי בְּדיחָה , היא צוֹחֶקֶת.
וְאִם יֵש לי שְגִיאָה הִיא מוֹחֶקֶת.
אִם זוֹלגוֹת הַדְּמָעוֹת, הִיא נוֹשֶקֶת,
וְאִם קַר לִי פִּתְאוֹם, היא מְחַבֶּקֶת.

אִם אֶקְרָא לָהּ פִּתאום, היא שוֹמַעַת,
כָּל דָּבָר בָּעוֹלָם הִיא יוֹדַעַת.
שְתֵּי צַמוֹת אֲרוּכּוֹת לִי קוֹלַעַת
וּבְקֶצֶב הַשִיר מִתְנוֹעַעַת.

כְּשֶאֲנִי חָרוּצָה הִיא פּוֹרַחַת,
לְאֱפוֹת לִי עוּגָה הִיא טורַחַת.
לִפְעָמִים לִפְעָמִים, הִיא רותַחַת,
אַךְ תָּמִיד אַךְ תָּמִיד , הִיא סולַחַת.


  1. Cute! Love the happy dancing. For my mother’s 50th we bought her an ipod with the engraving, “The Dancing Mommy”

  2. When my kids ask for a few things all at once, I tell them that SuperMommy is out for the day.

  3. I still don’t get how you can inspire so many women and yet still feel lame at the whole mothering thing!!! But I guess that’s what we all love about this blog …. your humility.

    I do sometimes get to see those moments when I might actually get to be “the best mother my kids know”:
    But for the most part, I still feel like this song will always be sung by someone else’s child …..

    I do know that one day, as I have done with my mother, my children will probably let me know how much they really do appreciate me!!!

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