Apron Chizuk

Apron Chizuk

I’m half-way through a too-long afternoon. The sky is stone gray and growling. The walls of my house are starting to close in on me like the trash compactor in Star Wars.

I am unsuccessfully mopping apple juice concentrate off my kitchen floor. Or I am cleaning out the sink and up to my knuckles in fermenting cornflakes muck. Or I am losing yet another fight with my two-year-old.

But then I look at my apron and I feel like Superman after he puts on his cape.

I might be all of these things. But I’m also an Eshet Chayil! I know so because my apron says so!

Click here to see more JewishMOM Chizuk Aprons (my name for them, not hers) by Barbara Shaw

This is my apron! the quotation's from Eshet Chayil: "A woman of valour, who can find?"


The Best Balabusta!

The Matryoshka apron. I love this one, since the mother has all of her children inside of her, just like we nurture our children inside our homes and hearts.

Mom's Pampering Kitchen

A cool Polish mother!

Being a Moroccan mother is a profession!

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  1. I love Barbara Shaw’s stuff! There is something about these aprons – so simple yet striking.

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