This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: Feeling Grateful at Tough Times (16-Minute Video)

An update on the Nachlaot Pedophile Crisis and 11 reasons I am feeling grateful to Hashem right now.


  1. Chana – I dont know who would have the audacity to harass you over publicizing this EXTREMLY important issue— that is ridiculous! I am so FURIOUS over this crisis but I am even more furious and not at peace with continuing to be a “bystandard” and I dont know why you should- especially since you feel so fervently abount it- why do you and your neighbors remain quiet…meaning- I know you are doing a WHOLE lot-the fundraising and support and physically protecting your own..yshar coach-its not easy- but what about the posting idea..the more papers posted the better—when people want to sell a car, find a dog, or rent an apartment its ok, but to save lives we need to be politically correct??? how easy to print up one page with a few sentences- no name bashing none of that–just warning parents and children….I am on the verge of driving 60 kilometers to nachlaot and posting letterhead size papers with a subtle warning that there are sickos in the neighborhood—I know you say the police are more involved etc…but come on- the fact that S is walking freely –by the way is this the S- with the garden ect…jumproping guy?? –whoever he is- imagine his face when he sees the papers posted everywhere- imagine the children who are captive and abused who see that there are people behind them wanting to free them and jail him….all the posters should say something else, encouraging kids to speak up and letting the pedophiles know that there is a ring of mothers who will not sit quietly and let them take lives…

  2. There was a snake in the Garden of Eden.

  3. I never ever post on blogs but I just have to say, you are doing such important work. My sister was sexually abused by a teacher in her high school for years and was made to feel so much shame. When it was discovered he was not even fired, just asked to leave, because the rabbis in the school told my parents that it would embarrass my sister. Then he was free to teach anywhere else! I am afraid they were only worried about embarrassing their institution. To this day she is not invited to her former classmates weddings, etc. because no one will talk to her about her side of the story. Whenever we publicize abuse cases, we are telling the world it is NOT the victim’s fault. It is always okay to talk about abuse because you are protecting people, and the victims have done NOTHING wrong.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful peptalk. It is so, so hard to try and see good in bad situations, and I give you so much credit for struggling so mightly to do so. Please know that your efforts are very inspiring to me. I daven for the Nachlaot children to have a refuah, to the greatest extent possible.

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