Dear Rebbetzin Heller: Should I Follow the News?

I love these question and answer sessions with Rebbetzin Heller from…
Here is the Rebbetzin’s thought-provoking answer to a woman who questions whether or not she should follow the news.
Forward the video to 38:30 to watch her response:


  1. I totally relate to Reb. Heller’s analysis as to WHY people find it intriguing to follow the news. I once thought it was a form of gossip. Mrs. Heller provided another view:

    “It’s very engaging… the news offers us an escape from the tedium of daily life… if you find yourself addicted to the news, look for more things you could do in your life that will make you unwilling to sacrifice this time for the news.”


  2. I like how she thinks, how she looks at the world. Sensible. Sympathetic.

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