Meet Happiness Guru, Gretchen Rubin

Meet Happiness Guru, Gretchen Rubin

I love this woman, she is totally my soul sister. About two hours ago I stumbled across one of bestselling author Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project videos on YouTube, and for the past 120 minutes I have been chain-watching her videos, enthralled by her and her down-to-earth wisdom on what has helped her to become a happier person.

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Watch this 5-minute interview featuring Gretchen Rubin explaining why she started the Happiness Project on the Today Show:

Here were some of my favorite happiness project videos:
Happiness Tip: Suffer for 15 Minutes

Happiness Tip: Do Good, Feel Good (3-minute video)

Happiness Tip: Remember the Dog that Doesn’t Bark (3-minute video)

Happiness Tip: Just Show Up (3-minute video)

Happiness Tip: Find some Fun. You’ll be Happier

Happiness Tip: Ask for Help

Happiness Tip: Enjoy the Fun of Failure


  1. She’s very interesting. She is sort of doing what you, CJW are doing for us but in a non-frum way. You are putting out pep-talks to help us in our motherhood journey, just like she puts out videos.

    When I wrote that thing recently about me enjoying housework, I kept self-doubting myself if it was really true, after seeing all the responses. But then when this woman said to check back to what you enjoyed doing when you were 10, struck me as very funny. What I enjoyed most back then was organizing my drawers. I’d empty out all the contents and fold them back in in neat piles. And I’d also enjoy organizing cut-out paper dolls from magazines, and putting them into families. So there you go – all that organizing is really my true love!

  2. Any other ideas how to find what fun we enjoy? I know you spoke about it, but it is still hard….

    • I hope Chana doesn’t mind if I jump in–it can be hard at first to discover what you like, especially when daily life is stressful. Also, it takes time to learn and get a certain degree of proficiency before being sure something is for you. So don’t give up too soon. . . hope that helps.

  3. yehudis chana

    I like Gretchen Rubin a lot. She is one of my Happiness Gurus–in fact, a couple of years ago almost to the day, I launched a monthly “Monsey Jewish Women’s Joy Club” to facilitate the cultivation of happiness and joy in our lives as Jewesses, and her book served as a model and guide for me. So did Rabbi Pliskin’s “Life is Now” and a host of other “how-to’s” on becoming a happier person. If you’d like any recommendations from my pretty thorough list of books — both secular and Torah-based — I’m happy to help!

    P.S. At one of our meetings we viewed the video “Validation” that you shared with your readers the other day. Everyone loved it!

  4. the interview Sounds like rabbi nivin s personal development class with the 12 areas of life balance also she has 1 kid so focusing on life and improving or organizing herself without the obligation to more than 2other people is easier than a jewish mom with3-9 kids to take care of…we most definitely needto focus more on how to improve our holy homes and joining rabi nevins habura is an amazing first step to a thorough inside out, migrating spiritual and physical levels….and of course getting the wonderful peptalks and hearing other jewish moms stories really helps alot too…

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