Watch 10 Years in 1 Minute

Watch 10 Years in 1 Minute

My days as a mom are soooo long.

But the years are flying by soooo fast.

Today, my dear firstborn daughter, 13-year-old Hadas, is taller than me. She wears shoes two sizes bigger than me. She is starting high school next year, IY”H. She is well on her way to becoming a young woman…

And just yesterday, it seems, I was pushing my newborn baby Hadas in her new blue-and-white flowered Peg Perego and nursing her on the living room sofa…

Where did all those years disappear to?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel regret about these past 13 years.

But I do feel mystified by this decade plus that has somehow slipped so lightning-fast through my fingers. Where did all of those 1000s of days go?

So I found it fascinating to see these videos created by two parents who decided that they didn’t want their children’s childhoods to evaporate into thin air. I thought these videos were fascinating.

This girl’s parents photographed her every single day of her life from birth to 10 years old. Watch 10 years pass in 85 seconds.

MIT researcher Deb Roy wanted to understand how his infant son learned language — so he wired up his house with video cameras to catch every moment (with exceptions) of his son’s life, then analyzed 90,000 hours of home video to watch “gaaaa” slowly turn into “water.”

Forward to 4:10 to hear the birth of a word. Phenomenal

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  1. That girl’s video is a little bit freaky. Anyway, I’ve been keeping a diary since I was 7. Some years fly by cuz I hardly wrote, but some years I wrote in it every single day. Now I write once a month maybe — but I love sitting down and reading my old diaries and I hope to be able to share them with my children one day!

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