Half-Naked at my Alma Mater

Half-Naked at my Alma Mater

In this video, students from my high school, the Friends School of Baltimore, explain why they think it’s so important for girls and boys to be attending school together.

I am posting this video so that you can see these Friends School girls. These girls are clearly intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive human beings.

And they are also half naked.

It is so sad for me to watch this. To see these young girls who don’t realize that when you dress like this it doesn’t matter how eloquent you are. The only thing your listener can focus on is how low cut your shirt is. Tragic. Ashreinu mah tov chelkeynu, truly.



  1. wow!!!
    Chana Jenny, this video is so TELLING!
    why do the boys feel they can wear clothing, but the girls are somehow compelled (in their own minds) to show cleavage?
    this video more than anything else proves the value of separate education!
    these poor girls are trying to get male attention – they would do (almost) anything, even come to school in their underwear
    it has nothing to do with “getting other opinions” as she says
    who hears what a woman is saying when she looks like that?

  2. I think you are forgetting that in this (usa) world, we are very desentized to this sort of dress. Although I do not approve of this ‘half naked’ sort of dress, I still believe that the listeners can in fact hear what they are saying and can still appreciate how eloquent they are. Just sayin’.

  3. Andrea, you are female!!!

  4. Just wondering where this video originated. Did you edit it? What was its original purpose?

    Glad you posted it, though. I went to an American inner-city public school and NO ONE dressed like that. Granted, it was over 20 years ago, but even so there WAS drug abuse, teen pregnancy and violence. Just not that kind of dress. Hashem Yirachem on this generation!

    • it looks like it was made by some friends school students, maybe for a school project. I also don’t remember anybody dressing like this when I was in school 20 years ago (although, yes, there was drinking, some drug use, and a lot of premarital everything going on) but maybe i just don’t remember now…

  5. There was a Chabad book written a few years ago (I forgot it’s name) where a secular woman lived in Crown Heights for a year and wrote about going to an all girls school. She praised it so much that it caused a lot of non-jews to think twice about going to a co-ed school.

    She talked about girls being able to be themselves and speak their minds while not trying to impress guys all the time.

  6. Israeli Eema

    I agree with Andrea. Unfortunately, the way these girls are dressed in the video is considered “normal” for their society. The boys in their school are used to looking at everyone dressing like that all around them every day, so these girls are not particularly distracting.

    Some of you have made the mistake that tznius = clothing. This is a very big mistake. Even in times when girls dressed with much more clothing there were still problems with promiscuity and teen pregnancy in that society. There must be a complete culture of behavior that encourages modesty in all ways, emotional, social, and physical. We here in the Jewish world live with an almost completely different set of values and way of thinking. It is this system of values and norms that keeps our daughters pure and innocent, not just that they dress in more clothing.

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