Proof that God Doesn’t Exist?

Proof that God Doesn’t Exist?

The following incredible true story took place several months ago at a secular school in Israel:

“God does not exist, and I’ll prove it to you…”

The self-assured teacher took all of her young students outside on a sunny, blue-skied day and instructed them, “Now, children, I want all of you to ask God to make it start raining.”

The young children looked up at the sky and prayed that God would send rain. But, alas, the sky remained as sunny and blue-skied as ever.

“You see, dear children, G-d does not exist.”

One girl came home that day from school and told her parents that her teacher had successfully proven to her that God does not really exist.

The concerned parents took their daughter to Rabbi Batsri to request his advice.

The next day, the girl went to school, and did exactly what Rabbi Batsri had instructed her to do…

The girl gathered together all of her classmates and told them to ask their teacher to give each of them 200 shekels.

“Why should I give you 200 shekels?! Absolutely not!” the teacher responded angrily.

“Then that must mean,” the girl concluded with a smile, “that YOU, HaMorah, don’t exist either.”

Image courtesy of user Damien Halleux Radermecker


  1. I’m going to remember this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. this reminds me of a story in communist Russia in the 1950s
    Teacher: Children, do you see G-d?
    Children: NO!
    Teacher: Then does G-d exist?
    Children: NO!
    Jewish child: Do we see the teacher’s brain?

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