Age-Activated ADD (2-minute funny video)

Age-Activated ADD (2-minute funny video)

This video made me laugh very hard, they could have made a very similar video about ME and my days… Though I think in my case, my ADD isn’t Age-Activated, it’s Motherhood-Activated! What about you, JewishMOM? Do your days also look like the day of the star of this video? (thanks to Nechama Shmerling for passing on this delightful link).


  1. Sharon Saunders

    She just doesn’t want to let that money out of her account to pay those bills. That’s age-activated money worries!

  2. Rachael Leah

    Oh my goodness, this sounds just like me, and I’m half her age! Wonder where I’m headed as I get older….

  3. I’m the total opposite. I’ll focus on one thing only and I notice all that other stuff on the side but I’ll say, “I’ll put the coke away when I get to the desk, I’ll water the flowers when I clean off the counter…” and I just focus on the one task at hand.
    I don’t get any more done than she does though.

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