200,000 Children Under Fire

200,000 Children Under Fire

As we send our children back to school today after the Purim break, let’s not forget the 200,000 children in the South of Israel who were not allowed to attend school today because of the 130 plus rockets that Gaza Strip terrorists have been firing at the South of Israel over the last two days, placing over 1 million Israelis into bomb shelters.

Did you know that 45% of the children living in the South of Israel currently suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because of these regular barrages from Gaza?

It’s hard for me to imagine trauma on this large a scale.

Imagine a child is, G-d forbid, in a car accident, or is abused, or his house burns down. And now imagine the psychologists and the social workers and the parental effort required to enable that child to overcome that trauma.

But here we’re not talking about one child or two children or even one hundred children. We’re talking about close to 90,000 children experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder in Sderot and Beersheva and Ashdod and all the smaller towns and moshavim in between…

Let’s keep these terrified children in our prayers and may Hashem bless the South (and all of Israel) with peace and quiet.


  1. Yes it isnt pleasant at all, we are staying with friends in central israel away from the bombings fear and sleepless nites. But the anxiety is so high, every whistle a laundry machine or bus makes, my heart drops and I forget that im far from the south now. Im still sleepless though, just staying anywhere but home with 5 kids aint easy…please pray for a real solution, as a mother who sends my kids to school even when its “quiet” theres always the fear that it could happen in middle of the day and I dont know where they are and if they are safe…

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