Verplanck Episode 2 (13-Minute Funny Video)

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed this hard (actually not that long, more like 4 months since the first Verplanck episode came out).


  1. Looking forward to the next one! (counting you as my updater)
    BTW, I guess growing up in that crowd, I actually don’t find it THAT funny. It’s pretty typical and normal. The chassidish guy I like though because he’s SOOO good as a chassidisher, so perfect, he plays it just right. The other ones? eh.

  2. personalities don’t discriminate, everyone can see themselves in these characters. the lakewood guy is soooo perfect. i am married to a similar religious enthusiast, even tho we’re chassidish as opposed to lakewood. i thought the similarity was mere coincidence with the first installment. but this second one had even more typical encounters in it and i’m beginning to wonder if the Kerplanck writers are hiding somewhere in my house….
    thanks for the laughs. looking forward to more

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