Goofy Tsoofy Highlights

Goofy Tsoofy Highlights

My kids tend to remain in their terrible twos for two years, so poor me, my kids have put me through terrible twos times two.

But even though, like her siblings, Tsofia was a challenging two-year-old and three-year-old, now at the age of four, I am finding that she causes me to smile far more often than she causes me to grit my teeth in frustration as she did last year.

Here’s a few giggling-eema Tsoofy moments from the last few weeks:

Tsoofy is fighting with her favorite playmate/worst enemy, 7-year-old Yoel.

She yells at him, “I will never, ever, ever play with you again for my entire life! Even tomorrow I won’t play with you!”
Tsoofy is pushing her doll around the house in the pink stroller. And as she pushes, she sings, “Hashem only eats kosher food! Hashem only eats kosher food!”
Tsoofy is sitting on the living-room swing singing “ABCDEFG. HIJKLMNOP, QRSTUV, WXY and Z, next time you won’t sing with me.”

“Eema, why does the song say that next time you won’ t sing with me? That’s not nice.”



  1. So sweet—may you b blessed with much Nachat from her!

  2. LOL that last one is my favorite!!

  3. pou pou pou she’s adorable!!

  4. Lol she is so cute!

  5. Totally sweet. Definitely lots of smiles, and may she bring you a lifetime of them! My mother used to “pester” me to record my kids’ voices when they were little, and to write down every cute remark and “chachma” they uttered, for later memories. Wish I listened. They ask me all the time now, and call me with THEIR kids’ chachmas! And I make sure to “pester” them! Definitely – write them all down. They become part of your own family story. The inside jokes. Like the time my oldest proclaimed, having somehow deducted that he could not possibly be my own offspring, being way too good for us “Ima, I know. I wasn’t born. I was adapted.”

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