This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: 4 Mindblowing Benefits of Exercise

This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: 4 Mindblowing Benefits of Exercise

The amazing ways exercise can make you feel better.



  1. Omg so scary…i was going to join the gym last week and I said to myself …i dont have time..ill just walk around the block…excuses excuses…but now the message is clear..thank you HAshem for cj weisberg..

  2. Thank you! Just what I needed! I was surfing the net in place of doing my aerobics video… but not anymore 🙂
    Do you still take your 20 minute nap in the mornings?

  3. After feeling frustrated for a long time about not having time to exercise, I finally started doing a 20-minute yoga program 4-5 times a week at 5:30 AM, before my household wakes up. I feel amazing because I’m accomplishing something and not just wishing I could, and, of course, this short non-strenuous program has helpe me so much physically. When my alarm goes off I lie in bed thinking about how much I enjoy the relaxation techniques, and how great I’ll feel after the whole program and then suddenly I want to get out of bed! After being woken up at the crack of dawn for years by my kids, I never thought I would volunteer to get up early.

    Be’H I will work out a way to do cardio exercise also during the day – I still have trouble making time for that.

  4. I love this message. Thank you
    Exercise is so important!
    I’ve been helping people learn an easy yoga fitness routine that I’ve developed over the years and
    adapt to their needs and likes.
    If people think they can just be fine without putting in the effort, they will be in for a rude awakening,
    if their moods don’t already tell them that. You can publish my email if you like.

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