My 11/11 Miracle by Stephanie Frumkin

My 11/11 Miracle by Stephanie Frumkin

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I didn’t grow up religious. But as a fad in my public middle school, it was popular to “make a wish” at 11:11 (AM or PM).

I took the fad a step further and wished continuously until 11:12.

I stuck with this game throughout middle school, high school, and even throughout adulthood (even today–don’t tell anyone 😉 ).

This was actually the only time I really prayed to God until I became religious in my mid-twenties.

Strangely enough, I happened to see 11:11 quite often on the clock, more often than I thought was “normal” and I excitedly “wished” each and every time I saw that 11:11 on the clock. (According to the fad’s rules, it didn’t count if you waited for 11:11 to roll around while watching your clock, or to set an alarm; you had to just glance at the clock and see it for the “wish” to work.)

Not coincidentally, 11-11 became my lucky number.

Every time I’d see it as a house number or as the price of a package of meat, I got excited–and I’d have to buy that package of meat, etc.

To this day, it is my little secret with Hashem that 11:11 is such a special number for me, since that is the number that actually got me to start praying as a non-religious Jew with my “game.”

And guess which day I gave birth to my firstborn? 11/11!

My son’s birthday is a reminder to me that Hashem is out there (and that He has a sense of humor).

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  1. What a great story! Hashem definitely has a great sense of humor 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine your reaction as 11/11 got closer and you realized you were going to have your baby then!

  3. I also gave birth on that day…and pl layed that game too…but you should look into 11 11 its not just a number it resembels alot in the tora mostly torat hasod_aka kabbalah…so it is very spiritual and the gematria of that number when divided multiplied etc is amazing…various references to mashiach and visuals like 11 11 is like the gates entering heaven…one of the realms etc…i dont remember a lot but thats a sneak peek..happy hunting!

    • Wow–cool! I’ll have to look into that. I knew there was something spiritual about that number…

  4. very cool story. wow that its a spiritual number!

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