Beit Shemesh’s Hadassah Margolese Speaks Out (Inspirational 2-Minute Video)

Beit Shemesh’s Hadassah Margolese Speaks Out (Inspirational 2-Minute Video)

I thought this speech by Beit Shemesh JewishMOM heroine Hadassah Margolese was truly inspirational…As a resident of a neighborhood whose children must also live in fear of a group of cruel, violent, and repulsive adults, this JewishMOMs courage and determination gave me a ton of chizuk. Go, Hadassah, Go!



  1. Her speech was amazing.. but I find it horrific that she is getting boos when she talks about having Chareidim also live in Beit Shemesh. Something needs to change in order to bring achdus and acceptance in Am Yisrael.

    • oy, I couldn’t understand why people were booing. I did hear beforehand that there were fears that this would be a problematic demonstration, promoted by the extreme anti-religious left. Did anyone attend the demonstration? Was that true?

      • I didn’t attend because I was working at the time as I work American hours. I did hear that it was promoted by the extreme anti-religious left.The extreme anti-religious left seem to be milking this whole thing.

        The whole thing has made me as a frum Jewish mother so upset. I feel like I should be doing something for Achdus. Not sure what though.

        • Rachael Leah

          Ita, I agree with you, I also feel, sitting here at my computer, that I want to do something to help bring Achdus and acceptance to Am Yisrael. Any ideas, anyone?

    • The booing was about the announcement (that she mentions) that “Beit Shemesh would be totally Chareidi, without any dati-leumi or chilonim taken into account” it was not in response to having Chareidim also live in BS (not that I agree with booing, but at least I wanted to accurately translate what she was saying)

  2. This was a great speech and she is a very nice woman. I feel very sorry for what happened to her daughter. I do think it’s wrong and extreme to have a problem with building a chareidi community. She can live in a community that’s mixed, and these people have a right to build a community, where people are similar to them and around people that they want to raise their children.

  3. We live in Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph and identify as Charedim. Both my husband and I work VERY hard to show the secular and dati leumi that we are ‘normal’ level headed people. After seeing the footage that Channel 2 posted about what’s going on here, I feel like crying. And hearing the booing in the background of that speech from Haddasah was terrible. We TOTALLY disagree with all that the fanatics are doing. Yet we are charedi. This whole incident and how it’s bringing such negative attention to the charedi world is so terribly sad. Every community has it’s fanatics but the good that the Charedi community does far outweighs the negative. I just feel so sad…Our Rav said something comforting. He said that a very important thing that we can do to combat what’s going on over here is to just work on “Ahavat Chinam” — free love! To love everyone despite the boos and despite what they may be thinking or saying about you. And hopefully through that love, bridges can be built…

  4. She spoke very well, and I agree with what she said. I do however think this whole story is being blown totally out of proportion. It’s very sad that there are frum sectors who seem to tolerate the obnoxious behaviour of some of their members. However this is being used to promote country wide anti-Haredi feelings! Today I read of an incident on the #4 bus in Jerusalem where a secular guy cursed and repeatedly spit on a ten year old Bais Yakov girl riding on the bus, and when she got off in tears, he kicked her! Apparently not one of the other passengers tried to help her. This was in a Haredi newspaper, as well as other similarly veined occurences throughout the country. The mainstream media is of course paying no attention.
    All of this Sinat Chinam is definitely not bringing our redemption any closer. Sad.

  5. I was also upset about the fact that she mentioned the”right” to build acharedi community…afterall why does anyone have to ask anyone where to build in a jewish state? I know that most newly built communities have aboard that screens potential residents and sfardik families or baale teshuva types get rejected because its “anash”..which in hebrew mean anshei shlomanu…meaning people of peace or whatever…it just hurts either way since I also feel like there should be equality and acceptance and love bween us all yet I can also understand charedi groups that wish to be in a holy segregated bubble so they can live comfortably without the visual interference of todays media or fashion….

    • 100 percent!While for the most part what she was saying was really nice. Nobody has to ask the Dati Leumi community permission for another JEW to live in the homeland of the Jewish people . Granted that it shouldn’t be a city exclusively to Chareidim but they do not have to ask the *permission* of anybody to build homes for any type of Jew in Israel.

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