The 5 Words Babies Use (16-Minute Important Video)

The 5 Words Babies Use (16-Minute Important Video)

WOW, this is one of the wildest things I have ever seen. A baby expert teaches moms how to interpret the “words” that every human baby uses. Thanks to Sara Gallor for sending this my way…



  1. That was incredibly informative. Thanks!

  2. It was adorable, watching all those babies. I’m the oldest of a large family as well as a mother of a large family. Although I couldn’t have been scientific about it and tell you the exact sound that corresponded to which definition, it seemed automatic to know which one was tired or hungry or uncomfortable. My baby is 8 weeks old, bli ayin hora, and I think I’ve been meeting his needs loosely based on this theory. He’s not one to sit and watch unless he’s engagaed and soothed.

  3. I have to add what I meant when I said it seemed automatic: watching their body language also helps recognize what they mean.

  4. very interesting! thanx!

  5. this is really great for older siblings to learn!!! AND poor helpless husbands who think only women can understand these things….
    Even after I get to know my baby’s “language” I can imagine teaching my big kids (and hubby) these “words” when our next baby comes along: which will be a huge help when it comes time to coordinating those stressful morning and evening hours etc with two other babies and the rest of the family ….. and the rest of the family will LOVE learning and trying to understand. Not only that, when they do succeed in deciphering the baby and calming it, it will give them an amazing sense of confidence and accomplishment, not to mention experience for the kids’ own future children, B”H.


    • I just want to add that if it’s true, and it looks so, then I couldn’t shake the thought that this is yet another proof of our Creator and His Compassion. Baruch Hashem!!

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