See the Sextuplet Stroller…

See the Sextuplet Stroller…

One of the highlights of my Shabbat is seeing the hilariously anachronistic pictures my 4-year-old Yoel brings home from Cheider. Yaakov Avinu wearing a streimel, Pharoah wearing a crown, Yishmael wearing a cowboy hat and malevolent sunglasses…

But this week’s picture takes the cake, I think…The Midrash teaches that the Hebrew mothers in Egypt would give birth to six babies at a time. So here is this week’s parsha picture, featuring that mother’s sextuplet stroller.

Thumbnail image courtesy of user Beckie


  1. I usually don’t like to use that particular coloring book for that very reason of anachronisms. We can’t show what they really looked like but I try to be as accurate as possible. Avrohom didn’t travel by car, bus, or train, did not have a watch, striemel, etc. We do want to make the Chumash and parsha stories comprehensible but we also want to give them an idea that life was different in those days.

  2. Cute! Now if only they would make Israeli sidewalks big enough for one of those….. Then again, those israeli wooden playpen-strollers come pretty close!!

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