Happy World Children’s Day!

Happy World Children’s Day!

I never heard of this holiday before, but I learned today that November 20th is World Children’s Day. So I made this collage in honor of it…

Please tell me, have any of you JewishMOMs heard of World Children’s Day before? Am I the last person on the planet to hear of this? Is it celebrated where you live?


  1. Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, our public school gave out UNICEF charity boxes to collect for “poor children in Africa” while we went trick-or-treating on Halloween. Once I found out that much of the money collected was given to “poor children in Palestine” for schools and services. Those schools provided extremely antisemitic textbooks for those children. (example: math book problem- You have two Jewish Soldiers and you shoot one, how many are left?….)
    So as an outraged 9 year old, I refused to collect for UNICEF and told all my friends to do the same. Ever since then,I have been suspicious of any program touted by the UN. This Internation Children’s Day may be a nice idea, but the UN has never been a haven for Jews-and certainly not for the state of Israel- and I don’t see the point of supporting anything they do.

    If we, as Jews, wish to honor our children, the best thing we can do is give them a proper Jewish Education, steeping them in our traditions and rich history so that they can continue in the ways of our holy fathers and mothers…

  2. I think that everyday is children’s day, that’s why they have mother’s day 😉

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