Babies and Big Kids Too

Babies and Big Kids Too

This morning I was sitting in a friend’s living room while her baby slept in her bedroom. At one point she suddenly stopped talking and looked towards the door. “Oh, that’s the baby crying!” and she went out to get him.
The weird thing was that I tried to hear, I really did. But didn’t hear a thing. A thing! Not even the faintest sound. But my friend heard her baby crying as clearly as if he was lying in her arms.
Wow, I thought, that is wild. A true motherly superpower.
When I still had babies I could do that too, I reminisced with a pinch of longing.
But then it occurred to me, and it surprised me that it hadn’t occurred to me sooner, that I have bigger kids. And they need to be heard as well.
I’m not nearly as gifted at that, I thought, as I was at hearing them when they were still babies, even when they were way upstairs and I was in the kitchen frying up scrambled eggs.
But maybe, I thought, as a mother I’ve been blessed with the ability to really hear my big kids too. Better than anybody else in the world. Even when they are far away. Or at least feel far away. God, please help me to open this gift you’ve bestowed upon me, this superpower, to hear my big kids too.


  1. Wow! Amein! Great prayer

  2. Beautiful. Amen!

  3. Needed to hear this. Thanks!

  4. Great comparison!
    I just want to add that to hear your child, whether old or young you have to tune out the other sounds clamoring for your attention. You have to filter out the background noise, put your phone on silent, ignore the doorbell, and focus on the actual message instead of all the static that accompanies it.

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