The Making of a Godol (4-Minute Inspirational Video)

The Making of a Godol (4-Minute Inspirational Video)

This is probably one of the sweetest things any husband has ever done for a wife… He made a video documenting his wife’s pregnancy to show how, week by week, a mother’s prayers influence the development of a Jewish child. Made me cry…Thanks to Chaya Houpt of AllVictories for sending this my way!


Image courtesy of user Bridget Coila


  1. Wow! Mazel Tov!! so so beautiful – brought tears to my eyes

  2. it didn’t make me cry at all! i don’t see the idea of bothering people with pictures of one’s wife!! this is internet in its bad aspects: showin off! i was pregnant many times i don’t need to expose myself this way in front of the whole world!! Chana Jenny, I love your site but except for this one….bitoul zeman for me!

    • this video is not BOTHERING people, if you don’t want to watch you don’t have to.
      Great way to put a bad taste on a beautiful gift from a husband to his wife.
      Thumbs up on your many pregnancies

  3. Devora Rajel

    Beautiful, wonderful and inspirational video. It encourages mothers to light Shabat candles every week.
    Mazel tov !!!!

  4. Beautiful… so wonderful to see the whole 9 month process in 4 minutes. That baby looks sooo kissable k”h. Do you know this woman – does she frequent this site?

  5. so incredibly beautiful ~ thank you

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