A Woman’s Power by Lori Palatnik (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

A Woman’s Power by Lori Palatnik (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

About how the JewishMOM sanctifies space and sets the tone in the home. Three cheers for Lori almost Live!!!



  1. This is something that needs to be watched heared and spread to every mom or wife out there! Thank u cj…once again for keeping us on the ball.

  2. This is so true – when the mama is happy, the kiddies are too. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it. After a minute or two, it won’t feel so fake anymore and you might actually be in a better mood. Thanks for sharing Chana Jenny!

  3. Annonymous

    “If I’m not for myself, who am I for?”
    Am I wrong, or was this misquoted…?
    Shouldn’t it be, “If I’m not for myself, who will be for me?”
    This actually makes more sense…

  4. Love it. She managed to balance the “me” with the sanctity of the message so beautifully. It’s not only happy mom/happy space. It’s about bringing blessing and holiness to our homes.

    BTW, I think she may have been paraphrasing Hillel to fit the message. No way she’d make a mistake on that one!

    May we all sanctify our homes this shabbos with our good moods (not always an easy task to accomplish after a day of getting ready with all that entails!)

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