Avraham Fried at Torah Dedication for Fogel Family

Avraham Fried at Torah Dedication for Fogel Family

On the yahrzeit of the murdered members of the Fogel family z”l, the community of Itamar dedicated a new Torah scroll written in their memory.

When I saw this video featuring Avraham Fried, I thought about what an extraordinary nation we are. In response to this horrific murder, instead of lowering ourselves to the level of the Arab murderers with animalistic acts of violence, we Jews write a Torah scroll, memorializing the lives that were taken away through this scroll that represents the unshakable, unbreakable, eternal covenant between the Jewish people and Hashem.

And why is this our ultimate revenge on the terrorists?

In his new book On Emunah and Bitachon Rabbi Avigdor Miller writes, “Empires that once filled the world with noise and glory are now known only to antiquarians, people who study the history of ancient times. Nothing remains of the olden civilizations [Babylon, Sumeria, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome etc. etc. etc] unless one uses a bulldozer to dig into the ruins that have been heaped one upon another…All over the world, all the other nations have gone down one by one, and all are destined to disappear eventually. Therefore, a Jew must look to the future…the Jewish people are going to be walking around when nobody is here. Mark Twain said that the Jew walks on the graves of his oppressors. That is as true as could be.”

Or, to be more exact, IY”H we will dance on the graves of those who oppress and maim and murder Jews, rejoicing with the Torah scrolls that symbolize our undying covenant with Hashem, just like the people in this video.


  1. You’re killin’ me today, Chana Jenny…

  2. While I have deep respect and admiration for the response to such an atrocity as positive building and an affirmation of Hashem in our lives. I am deeply distressed by the suggestion that we will any day as you say iyh dance on the graves of anyone. I wholeheartedly agree that these acts are despicable- but do we deny the tzelem elohim that these people own? do we not have mercy on them as Gods creations? Do we not weep with God at the choices that these people made and greive for their lack of humanity? The other options strike me as way to savage…
    Uvakashtem shalom B’aaretz

  3. These are animals- when interviewed the attackers had no remorse and further were saddened by the fact that they didnt kill all the children…if they were born with a tzelem it was surely not there when they decided to kill! And to be honest anyone who takes lives with no remorse and then celebrates by dancing in their village and gets crowned as a hero, doesnot even deserve to be buried….there are countless stories of attacks that were made, lynches and such, there is nothing humane about theses attackers, its like saying, “lets cut hitler some slack”…so no, no we suffer enough from extreme leftists that uproot families at 4am because they found a document showing the land is owned by palestinians…or the airav rav that we pay to this day becaise of their “ideas” and considerations…so “hakam l’orgecha, hashkem l’orgo”…no need tosugarcoat it.

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