3 Rules for Camp Safety

3 Rules for Camp Safety

LA Jewish Family Services made this short instructional video to teach us parents how to have a basic, annual “Camp Safety” discussion with our kids. My kids just started camp today, so I think today’s a good day for me to have this 5-minute conversation… To learn about the outline for this conversation, you can watch the 6-minute video below, or read and print up the following outline of the points covered in the video to follow during your own conversation with your kids… Thanks so much to Baltimore JewishMOM Bracha Goetz for sending this my way!
Rule #1: Carefully Choose Safe Help- Your camp took you on a trip, for example to an amusement park, and somehow you got separated from your group. The best people to ask for help are:
1. Security guards/police
2. Employees
3. A mother with children

Rule #2: The No, Run, Tell Rule- A camper, counselor, or someone from outside the camp touches you or looks at you or speaks to you in a way that makes you uncomfortable (for example, a fellow camper pulls down your bathing suit). You yell “No!” and run away and tell someone you trust– your counselor, your teacher, your parent.

Rule #3: The No Secrets Rule- If someone does something that makes you uncomfortable, and instructs you not to tell anybody, that is exactly when you need to tell a parent or someone you trust. If your child tells you about a problematic incident, make sure to tell him or her how proud you are! Nobody has the right to touch or look or speak with them in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

With blessings to all of you JewishMOMs and your children for a safe and fun summer vacation!

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  1. Tamar Miller

    excellent & very informative video. a big Yesher Koach to the JFS of LA and to you Chana Jenny for posting it!

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